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California's Latest Precautionary Move Against "Cell Phone Radiation"

You know the story about the man sitting at a bar who periodically makes a sudden, jujitsu-like movement with his hands and arms. When asked by the ma... - Forbes - 6 hours ago

Yes, that's a monkey grinding on top of a deer

After spending a few months observing macaque monkeys living in a Japanese forest, a group of scientists found a pattern of behavior they described as... - Staunton News Leader - 2 hours ago

Ketamine Can Rapidly Reduce Suicidal Thoughts

A new study has found that ketamine is significantly more effective than a commonly used sedative in reducing suicidal thoughts in depressed patients.... - - 8 hours ago

Superintendent speaks about tragic loss of student to bacterial meningitis

TUSCARAWAS COUNTY—An Indian Valley High School student is dead, and student leaders tell Fox 8, it was a probable case of bacterial meningitis. Superi... - - 18 hours ago

Medical cannabis is safe, says WHO

Advocates of medical marijuana in the Philippines found an unexpected ally in the World Health Organization WHO when it announced that the use of th... - - a day ago

New Hampshire cities, towns recognized for fluoridation - Columbus Ledger

A handful of New Hampshire communities are being recognized for efforts to promote oral health through fluoridated water, though the state overall lag... - Columbus Ledger-Enquirer - an hour ago

Brave pregnant mum carries baby she knows will die at birth in bid to help save other dying tots

A brave pregnant mum will give the most selfless gift of all this Christmas – her unborn baby& s organs to another dying child. Hayley Martin knows fr... - - a day ago

What Causes Bipolar Disorder? Seven Key Factors Identified By Study

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness that causes unusual episodes such as mood shifts that range from a manic high to a deep despair. Nearly 6 million... - International Business Times - 11 hours ago

The family that doesn't feel pain

Letizia Marsili, 52, first realised she was different when she was very young. She had a high threshold for pain, which meant she didn& t feel burns o... - BBC News - 2 days ago

Higher blood sugar in early pregnancy raises baby's heart-defect risk

HIGHER blood sugar early in pregnancy raises the baby& s risk of a congenital heart defect, even among mothers who do not have diabetes, according to ... - Jamaica Observer - 16 hours ago

Why Do Colds And Flu Strike In Winter?

The cold and flu season is starting to rear its ugly head and we can& t seem to get away from the coughing and sneezing. But why are we prone to get t... - Kasmir Monitor - 3 hours ago

UK parents allow teens to drink alcohol, study says

Although scientists have largely said that giving alcohol to children is wrong because their brains are still developing, Penn State researchers came ... - Pulse Headlines - a day ago

Public awareness could reduce deaths due to brain diseases

Nagpur: Some 17% of deaths in India are due to brain diseases, with a majority of them occurring due to strokes. The other neurological diseases commo... - Times of India - 27 minutes ago

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Will Dallas have a white Chris white christmas

white christmas

Will Dallas have a white Christmas?

Bengals coach Marvin Lewis pla marvin lewis

marvin lewis

Bengals coach Marvin Lewis plans to leave team, explore other opportunities

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