SPIN: Where things stand Republicans don’t even have 50 Republican votes for their partisan bill while the bipartisan…

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TopherSpiro TopherSpiro

Where things stand: Republicans don’t even have 50 *Republican* votes for their partisan bill, while the bipartisan… - 12 hours ago View More


Did you know that Uranus has rings & appears to spin on its side? Or that intensely blue Neptune once had an Earth-… - a day ago View More

TopherSpiro TopherSpiro

I do not find it difficult to believe how cynical you are. You don't even have 50 *Republican* votes, yet refuse to… - 10 hours ago View More

JoyAnnReid JoyAnnReid

Gross. oh my god... - a day ago View More

yelyahwilliams yelyahwilliams

dunno what some ppl expect the guys to do - but we arent the band thats gonna put zacs drum kit on a rig & spin him… - a day ago View More

malviyamit malviyamit

What ails India’s ‘liberal’ narrative? Their hypocrisy! Last year, Junaid Khan died after a scuffle in train, ‘Not… - 21 hours ago View More

RomanAtwood RomanAtwood

NEW VLOG is seriously amazing! We made my pond spin like crazy 😂 Thanks for sharing - 6 hours ago View More

brianklaas brianklaas

Since the era of government shutdowns began in 1980, none have ever been triggered under single party control. Repu… - 6 hours ago View More

MalcolmNance MalcolmNance

😳 Russian conspiracy is suddenly so much less interesting. - a day ago View More

acmilan acmilan acmilan SPIN

🎵 You spin my head right round round round 🎵 🎵 Tu mi fai girar, tu mi fai girar... 🎵 #ObrigadoDinho 🤙🏿 - a day ago View More

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