pelosi: BREAKING Pelosi Schumer Sell Out DACA ‘Dreamers’ on Budget

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chuckwoolery chuckwoolery

BREAKING: Pelosi/Schumer Sell Out DACA ‘Dreamers’ on Budget - a day ago View More

kylegriffin1 kylegriffin1

Pelosi: “This latest memorandum is the same cowardly, disgusting ban the President announced last summer. No one w… - a day ago View More

JoyAnnReid JoyAnnReid

One of the things that’s amazing about politics is that conservatives often seem to have more awareness and respect… - 16 hours ago View More

mitchellvii mitchellvii

The GOP establishment is offering excuses for its refusal to fund the border wall, while Democrats are taunting Pre… - a day ago View More


House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi responds to Trump transgender memo: "Once more, the President’s agenda of hate a… - a day ago View More

ylanmui ylanmui

.@Jim_Jordan says no funding for border *wall* in omnibus: "Why do you think Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are smiling ear to ear?" - a day ago View More

chuckwoolery chuckwoolery

Nancy Pelosi Gloats over Omnibus: 'Democrats Won' - 2 days ago View More

gatewaypundit gatewaypundit

VIDEO=> Pelosi and Schumer Cheer Paul Ryan's Omnibus: "We Were Able to Accomplish More Than When We Held Majority"… - a day ago View More

thehill thehill thehill pelosi

Pelosi torches Trump for "cowardly, disgusting" transgender military ban - a day ago View More

NeilMunroDC NeilMunroDC

Looks like Paul Ryan and Marc Short have been misleading POTUS on what is in the omnibus bill. Perhaps they should… - a day ago View More

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