swat: Arming teachers may sound good but is a terrible idea Many problems but just some include It increases the ch…

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votevets votevets

Arming teachers may sound good, but is a terrible idea. Many problems, but just some include: It increases the ch… - a day ago View More

JoyAnnReid JoyAnnReid

Also this: how will SWAT know who’s the gunman when lots of people are packing and shooting? - a day ago View More

AshaRangappa_ AshaRangappa_

Has Trump ever undergone any firearms training? A teacher will be in close range of his/her students. In addition,… - a day ago View More

JoyAnnReid JoyAnnReid

OMG this young man who fit the description of the Parkland shooter is telling his story of being arrested by SWAT t… - a day ago View More

StevenTDennis StevenTDennis

Rubio opposes arming teachers. Says could cause additional tragedy when SWAT team arrives. Bill Nelson calls it "a terrible idea." - a day ago View More

FoxNews FoxNews

Former SWAT leader at Columbine Grant Whitus: "These years I've heard 'it's never gonna here, it's not gonna happen… - 3 hours ago View More

rmayemsinger rmayemsinger

Seeing #ParklandStudentsSpeak survivor Lorenzo Prado describe his abject fear when, during the madness of mass murd… - a day ago View More

joshgreenman joshgreenman

Rubio just raised a very smart objection to arming teachers: In the thick of a crisis, how is a SWAT team supposed… - a day ago View More

robbysoave robbysoave

A problem with arming teachers: Teacher shows up to school for work, gets out of the car with his gun. Teacher is n… - 9 hours ago View More

NicholasFerroni NicholasFerroni

Hypothetical w/ ARMED TEACHERS: Active shooter enters school. Chaos breaks out. Teachers pull out their guns. T… - a day ago View More

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