aziz ansari: Just a reminder that Aziz Ansari's career is fine Mike Tyson's career is fine Sean Penn's career is fine Woody A…

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EgSophie EgSophie

Just a reminder that Aziz Ansari's career is fine. Mike Tyson's career is fine. Sean Penn's career is fine. Woody A… - 21 hours ago View More

MattWalshBlog MattWalshBlog

The Aziz Ansari and Mark Wahlberg "scandals" prove that feminists think women are frail, helpless flowers who can't… - a day ago View More

AwardsCircuit AwardsCircuit

Whatever you think about this Aziz Ansari situation, know this: People are stupid on the internet (and in real lif… - a day ago View More

bariweiss bariweiss

I wrote about Aziz Ansari and why the story about him is so bad for the #MeToo movement. - 2 days ago View More

annanorthtweets annanorthtweets

I wrote about the Aziz Ansari story, how common it is, and why that means we should talk about it, not sweep it und… - a day ago View More

morningmika morningmika

Aziz Ansari Is Guilty. Of Not Being a Mind Reader. - a day ago View More

mattyglesias mattyglesias

Am I getting this news cycle right? 1. Someone writes an article about Aziz Ansari. 2. Nothing bad happens to Az… - 2 days ago View More

maxwelltani maxwelltani

Here's the full email the reporter who wrote the Aziz Ansari story sent when asked to go on… - an hour ago View More

HuffPost HuffPost

Ashleigh Banfield blasts Aziz Ansari accuser for "reckless" sexual assault claim - a day ago View More

MatinaStevis MatinaStevis

This, by @JillFilipovic, is the closest any column on the Aziz Ansari case has come to capturing my thoughts. It al… - a day ago View More

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