MeToo: I ask again why is there virtual silence from international feminism human rights liberals MeToo campaigners et…

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I ask again  why is there virt MeToo

Talking about MeToo

georgegalloway georgegalloway

I ask again: why is there virtual silence from international feminism, human rights liberals, #MeToo campaigners et… - 19 hours ago View More

IjeomaOluo IjeomaOluo

My latest, on #MeToo & the defenders of abusers "You aren’t just defending an individual in these debates. And y… - 2 days ago View More

TheGabbieShow TheGabbieShow

the reason that all these brave voices should never be silenced again. @mtv did some research and found that the… - 5 hours ago View More

billmaher billmaher

Giving up on the idea that even bad things have degrees. That is as dumb as embracing the idea of alternative facts… - 41 minutes ago View More

PrisonPlanet PrisonPlanet

That part of the world literally has something called "the rape game," and now you're looking to them for guidance… - 10 hours ago View More

billboard billboard

.@Lorde on the historic 2018 #Grammys, the #MeToo movement & loving @IAmCardiB - 17 hours ago View More

nazirafzal nazirafzal

1 in 5 women stalked 1 in 4 sexually assaulted or raped 1 in 4 suffering domestic abuse 2 UK women a week murdered… - a day ago View More

Alyssa_Milano Alyssa_Milano

Please read this thread. It’s an important one. #MeToo - 2 days ago View More

CHSommers CHSommers

Oh no. Andrew Sullivan @sullydish has violated a sacred taboo: He’s reminded us that men and women are different. B… - 10 hours ago View More

MiraSorvino MiraSorvino

Shame on you and Deneuve for denigrating the importance of the actual and pervasive experiences all women, not only… - a day ago View More

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