the post: BTS might have the first K Pop 1 on the Billboard 200 Me Neat BTS might beat Post Malone for the spot Starts streaming BTS on Spotify

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LawofTD LawofTD

*BTS might have the first K-Pop #1 on the Billboard 200 Me: Neat. *BTS might beat Post Malone for the spot* Starts streaming BTS on Spotify - 19 hours ago View More


I also have to post this gif of me crying bc I found out the Wallabies were married and I still dont know how but t… - 21 hours ago View More

dbongino dbongino

I’m anxiously awaiting the fake news NY Times & the Pravda Washington Post to refer to FBI spy Stefan Halper as an… - 15 hours ago View More

MattxRed MattxRed

Left: Today’s NY Post, where a child killed another child because he thought a gun was a toy. Right: a child at th… - a day ago View More

ImRo45 ImRo45

Best wishes AB post retirement, hope life is as exciting as your game. Regards to the family @ABdeVilliers17 - 21 hours ago View More

JoyAnnReid JoyAnnReid

Women - including lots of women of color - are taking center stage in the coming midterms. This will be a huge test… - 20 hours ago View More

ThePlumLineGS ThePlumLineGS

Trump's crazy conspiracy theories about the Mueller probe are not a sign that he's "winning" the argument. They're… - 21 hours ago View More

RightWingWatch RightWingWatch

Richard Spencer says the alt-right only pretends to advocate for free speech for "radically pragmatic" reasons. Gr… - 15 hours ago View More

dbongino dbongino

No rational person would humiliate themselves by knowingly putting their names on a piece as outrageously absurd as… - 15 hours ago View More

yoursclothing yoursclothing

#WIW win this tropical dress AS SEEN ON ALISON HAMMOND! Simply follow us & retweet the post to win! One lucky winn… - a day ago View More

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